Thursday, August 19, 2010

Standing up for deadbeat dads

The American Conservative Magazine has bravely stood up for the rights of deadbeat dads.  In a somewhat nonsensical blog called , "Child care's debtors prison", it starts by asking the question, "How many real “Deadbeat Dads” are there?".  Strangely, The article never does anything to try and answer the question.

So why do I care, and why should you?  Well, as I've written before, deadbeat dads cost the federal government over 4 billion dollars last year(and collects over $30 billion with it).  Now here is a supposedly conservative blog trying to defend fathers that don't pay child support.

Here's the crux of the article:
The stereotype of the impoverished single mother and the divorced dad driving around town in a sports car with the new girlfriend who doesn’t see his kids is still a powerful one, enough to basically keep the debtor’s prison of the child care system in place without anyone challenging it.

Well, there's a reason no one is challenging it.  Neither this article, nor the one it links to, give any indication of the number of fathers in "debtor's prison" that don't deserve to be there.  Child support is usually payed willingly by a father who wants to see his kid's or through wage garnishment.  Punishment is only reserved for father's who seem to find ways around this, like working for cash "under the table", or running their own business and refusing to pay child support.

The article does link to a study that says that most divorced dad's aren't deadbeats - that's good to know; however, it doesn't mean that deadbeats don't exist - and at a cost of $4 billion dollars to the federal government, it baffles me a supposedly conservative blog would defend them.
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