Thursday, September 2, 2010

CATO's Griswald Agrees with my Immigration conclusion

Last month I wrote a post in which I showed the number of undocumented workers vs. how much we spend on border security.  My conclusion was that the amount spent on border security had little effect on immigration.  The numbers are the best evidence:


Daniel Griswald over at CATO's liberty blog comes to the same conclusion in his post, What's Behind the Decline in Immigration?  It's the economy, Stupid. He writes:

The more obvious explanation is the steep economic recession that began to bite in 2008. The downturn has been especially brutal in the housing and construction industries where many illegal immigrants found employment during the previous boom. As evidence, the decline in the number of illegal immigrants has been steepest in those states, such as Nevada, California, and Florida, where the housing downturn has been the most severe.

Libertarians.  What can I say, we disagree on macroeconomics, but can agree on this and the need for comprehensive immigration reform.
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