Friday, February 18, 2011

Jon Stewart Must be Reading This Blog

Wednesday morning I wrote about how ridiculous it is to fight over non-security discretionary spending in order to "balance" the budget when it only accounted for 13% of the budget last year. Then, later that night, Jon Stewart did a little skit pointing out the exact same fact. You can watch the video below(the important part starts at 3:45) or just read the transcript below the video.
You know what? It's clear that none of you guys, Republican or Democrat, are taking this seriously. I'm going to do it myself. I'm gonna go Charles Grodin in Dave on your ass.  And that is my last reference for the night.  All right, how big is the budget?
GWEN IFILL: President Obama's budget proposal for the next Fiscal Year came in at more than $3.7 trillion.All right, $3.7 trillion.
What's the deficit?
BILL O'REILLY: The deficit, $1.1 trillion.
OK, so it's... you know what though?  Hold on.  Yeah, that's better.  Sometimes they need to warm up.  All right, so we got $3.7 trillion up for grabs.  How much...?
AL HUNT (2/16/2011): 88% of the budget is not affected by these cuts. ... They are only focusing on the cuts on 12% of the budget.
Oh, so we can only cut from 12% of the budget?  All right, well, 12% of $3.7 trillion is... $440 billion.  So here's what we need to do.  We need to get $1.1 trillion of spending cuts out of $440 billion. So I'm just going to very quickly, um... Watson?  Watson??

That's all the proof I need to be convinced that he reads my blog :) Now hopefully he'll keep reading, and he can learn that the federal budget is constrained by inflation, not revenue. If so maybe he can find a hilarious way to show why all this deficit hysteria isn't a real issue.
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