Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Climate Change Deniers Funding

LiveScience has an article describing the source of funding for climate change denying think tanks.  One source is the use of a special type of trust by gasoil giants such as the Koch brothers.  They send money to this special type of trust and get a tax break since it's a "charity".  That "charity" then sends the money to think tanks that specialize in climate change denier propaganda.  500 million just from one person.

The website for Donors Trust provides some clues to their interests: "The current environment on university campuses values Diversitas over Veritas — but cultural diversity is a poor substitute for truth, which must be the prevailing aim of the university. And discovering truth is impossible without a commitment to freedom of inquiry and the broadest possible range of viewpoints — what we call intellectual pluralism.
"Typically, we provide top-notch professors with substantial seed capital, spread over three years. After these professors have demonstrated progress with their 'centers,' we assist them in identifying other funding sources — alumni, institutional or foundations — to sustain their efforts."
I find this claim particularly rich because an often used argument of climate change deniers is that scientists are fudging data just so they can "get rich" off of government grants. For example see here,

perpetuated by those with political agendas and those who grow rich from government grants

Those who survive and thrive on government grants to investigate global warming are always going to tell us that the situation requires further analysis.
and here.

Global warming, which was mostly a scam invented by researchers looking for government grants

Well, with the revelations above, it appears that these groups might be projecting their own sins onto others.
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