Monday, July 15, 2013

Sony will win

PS2 Controller
As the Wii U, PS4, and Xbox One come to tangle in the next round of the console wars, Here is my bold prediction:  The PlayStation 4 will win the next round of the console wars.
PlayStation One and PlayStation 2 were the top selling consoles worldwide of all time.  The PlayStation 3 was set to be huge, but then the Wii came along and blew everybody away in the last round.  So why do I think sony will be back on top?

Here's what I see.  The Wii won because it was revolutionary.  It's working name was even "Revolution". It expanded the video game market instead of competing for the existing one.  It was different.  Games were excited, non-gamers were interested.  Eventually PS3 and Xbox started making back some ground, but they never caught up with the Wii's original sales and are virtually tied for second.

But now, the Wii U is old news.  It's touchscreen controller is more an evolution than a revolution.  It still uses Wii controllers.  It's working name was Wii 2, and the end product reflects that.  While the Wii U will benefit some from past success, there is not as much buzz about it.

The other competition is Microsoft's xbox One.  Originally, I thought Microsoft was going to win.  They were going to concentrate on better and better online features and integration.  Instead, they are locked into a boxing match with their own customers.  They're adding and removing features and pissing of different groups.  I can't help but think that all this confusion is going to hurt them.

All of Xbox controversy wouldn't hurt Microsoft as much if they were the only game in town like Windows on PCs.  But Sony is making huge strides to catch up with Microsoft's online advantages.  Sony is also making lots of other new changes.  You can read about them here.  Nothing is revolutionary, just evolutionary... just like the other 3 consoles.

So here it is.  All the consoles made evolutionary steps, I believe Sony made more.  And in addition, Sony isn't repeatedly pissing off large groups of users.  I believe Sony will find it's way back on top their fourth round of the console wars.
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